Online TRID RESPA Integrated Disclosure Software
Quicker & Easier Loan Estimates & Closing Disclosures

How helps you create CFPB compliant documents in less time...

  • Loan Estimate forms are always FREE!
  • No Retyping! Everything you type on the Estimate automatically transfers to the Closing Disclosure.
  • Automatically and accurately calculates dozens of form fields so you don't have to.
  • Tips automatically appear for important form fields to help you stay in compliance.
  • Automatically rounds percentage & currency fields to comply with the new (complicated) CFPB rules.
  •'s reusable form templates allow faster processing for similar closings.
  • The TRID Timeline Calendar helps you comply with the CFPB's new strict submission date rules.
  • "Automated Checklists" help you avoid incomplete forms to stay within compliance.
  • "Chat" allows you to chat remotely with co-workers or write notes about a transaction

Everyone Loves

Lenders Love It

  • Facing an audit? Get access to your Integrated Disclosure documents in an instant
  • Get staff using the system without any expensive training
  • Save time reviewing files - an hour or more per day!
  • Have the freedom to work (and answer paperwork questions) from anywhere
  • Handle a higher volume of transactions without added staff
  • Retain your top loan processors by giving them the freedom of mobility
  • Hire remote staff and utilize them for multiple locations
  • Control who has access to every transaction and every file
  • Stop sending physical paperwork back and forth between multiple parties and locations
  • Eliminate trips to the storage room to dig up old files
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Title Companies Love It

  • Review and work on files from anywhere
  • Learn the system in minutes (not days or weeks)
  • See the current status of documents at any time.
  • Answer the "What else do I need to close?" question in seconds
  • Examine documents and check for errors without downloading files
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Regulators? Borrowers? Love It

  • Reason...
  • Reason...
  • Reason...
  • Reason...
  • Reason...
  • Reason...
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Take The Tour of

View important activity stats at a glance.
Access frequent actions with one click.
Easily update transaction information as things change.
View essential transaction information, including the loan processors and contacts involved.
View, edit, and check off tasks as complete when documents are submitted. Add due dates and change who is able to see a task.
Add notes to a transaction and easily communicate with your team, saving your most-used messages for later reuse.
Email documents to outside parties straight from a transaction.
Mark documents as reviewed or rename and categorize them.
Create reusable checklist templates that can be applied to transactions.
Automatically assign checklists to transactions based on status or label.
Add or edit task names.
Set relative due dates on tasks and who can see them.
View documents waiting to be assigned to transactions.
Upload documents directly to Working Docs.
Preview and assign documents to the appropriate transaction.
Upload documents using an email address.
Break apart, rotate and download docs.
Open docs with quick preview to verify that they are complete.
Mark documents as reviewed by broker.
Note what's incomplete on a document.
Enable the "Entered" feature to keep track of entry into your accounting software.
Fine tune permissions to control the actions that your loan processors and admins are allowed to perform.
Filter transactions by office location, status, or checklist completion state.
Sort by close date, last update, transaction name...
Use Quick Search, Advanced Search, Filter and Sort to find the exact transaction you need.
Quickly access transactions using readymade Shortcuts, Recent Searches and Recent Updates.
View upcoming and overdue tasks.
Sync tasks with iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar.
Directly view all fully executed contracts from your DocuSign account.
Conveniently import your DocuSign docs into with two clicks.
View a summary of listing, pending, and closed commissions.
Review total usage stats and download usage reports by agent.
View frequently used transaction reports.
Store commonly used forms and documents so loan processors and staff can easily access them.
Organize documents using customizable categories.
Quickly search for the documents you need.
Save links to frequently accessed websites.
Manage company-wide settings and notifications. Enable, disable certain features.
Define an Admin + Tech Support contact for your company.
Upload your logo to brand the system to your office.
Standardize document names, customize transaction statuses, add custom labels to documents, create office locations, manage users, and more...

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Pricing Plans To Suit Any Office Size Straightforward pricing — no contracts, no gimmicks

Features Small Office Medium Office Large Office Small Office Medium Office Large Office
question mark New transactions per month 10 25 40 80 150 250 350 450+
Monthly price $75 $100 $125 $175 $225 $300 $350 $450question mark
zero risk
question mark Change plans at any time
Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
No long-term contracts. Cancel at any time Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
Zero setup fees Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
Unlimited document storage Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
Unlimited users Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!

A transaction is a Closing Disclosure form. The Loan Estimate is free.

Need help choosing a plan? We can recommend one for you, or you can .

How It Works...

1 Fill out a Loan Estimate
Add Documents
Complete a Loan Estimate form on-screen or use a template to make the process even quicker. Use unrounded numbers because they'll be transferred to the Closing Disclosure.
2 Set a Tickle Date
Assign To Transactions
Use the dashboard to select a tickle date to stay within CFPB date submission compliance.
3 Double-Check Docs
Double-Check Docs
Staff can check for errors while assigning docs by reviewing them for missing signatures and pages. Instant document previews are available for PDFs.
4 Review Checklists
Review Checklists
Staff can check off docs as they come in. A red checklist means it needs attention. A green checklist means everything is done and the agent can get paid.
5 Email loan processors
Email loan processors
You can email loan processors right from the system. The message, date, and time are saved in the transaction to prevent "you didn't tell me that" discussions.
6 Missing Paperwork
Missing Paperwork
When loan processors are emailed about missing docs, they can just reply with the missing doc attached and it'll go right to the system. They can scan or upload directly too.
7 Mark It Complete
Mark It Complete
All finished? Staff can mark the paperwork complete in the system and send a message to the broker letting them know it's ready for review.
8 Final Broker Review
Final Broker Review
The broker can review all the transaction’s files on one page. They can fire off notes for items that still need work or mark them as complete.

100% Commitment to Safety and Security

Utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption by GeoTrust and the world-class server infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensures the absolute privacy of our users' data. incorporates the most advanced security solutions, giving you the same level of data protection and redundancy as an online bank.

Access Anywhere is always available for you to access no matter where you are in the world via all modern web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc). In addition, you can download all the files and data from your account every month using a secure link created just for you.

Offline backups can be saved on your local computers or servers and used as an alternate way to store and access your transaction data.

Online Security

Your login connection with is secure and encrypted using industry-leading SSL technology. The information stored in's data centers is accessible only by SSL encrypted endpoints - meaning your data can't be viewed while being sent from your computer to Amazon's secure facilities.

Your data in is safer and more secure than with most online applications and is even safer than traditional offline storage.

Multiple Backups stores user data in's highly reliable data centers. Every document uploaded and every word typed into is automatically copied to multiple backup locations using the Amazon S3 cloud storage service.

Amazon S3 provides a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage. The service redundantly stores data in multiple facilities and on multiple devices within each facility.

Questions & Answers

What is a transaction file?

A transaction file is anything from listing to pending to closed. A transaction is counted only once - when it's created. Once a transaction is created, you can change the status at anytime and it will continue to count as one transaction file.

For example, if you start a transaction file as a listing, that counts as one transaction file. If you get a pending offer on that listing, you will change the status from "listing" to "pending" and it will continue to count as only one transaction.

How does the transaction file quota work?

When you create a transaction file, it counts against your quota for the current monthly cycle. Your transaction quota is reset on your billing date every month and any open transaction files you created in previous months will not count against your new quota.

How does help my company?

"What do I need to close my deal?"

"I turned in my paperwork…you lost it!"

Questions like this will disappear when you begin to use Brokers and loan processors love using the application for document management because we focus on one thing: eliminating the burden of paper. It's not uncommon for an office to cut their paperwork management time in half for every single transaction.

If you've already gone digital and you store your files on a web server in carefully organized folders, then your email inbox is probably a mess. With, your files are accessible by everyone who needs access (and no one who doesn't) no matter what time it is or where they are in the world. You can stop emailing files back and forth and save your inbox for valuable client communication.

How does work? What does it do? replaces your filing cabinets or file server where your transaction documents are stored. And, it's better than traditional transaction software because you can access it from anywhere. Think of it as your online filing cabinet that's accessible 24/7 from wherever you are.

You can create a new transaction file in by typing a property address and assigning a status like "Listing" or "Pending". That's it…very little data entry is needed to get started.

Docs can then be added to your account by scanning, emailing, or uploading directly into a transaction. The average customer saves more than 50% on their copy bill as a result of putting their documents online.

What doesn't do? is not a forms company. If you want forms, choose from the dozens of existing solutions like Zipforms, RealFast, or your own MLS.

But once your forms are filled out, don't put them in a filing cabinet. Take your office mobile instead and use for your Loan Documents.

How do I get started with

If you're a hands on person, just It's free for your first 5 transactions and you don't need to enter a credit card.

If you want to learn exactly how will help your office manage their transactions online, sign up for a personal demo. You'll get a one-on-one guided tour through the system as well as a chance to ask questions specific to your office.